General Parking Questions

No. The parking rates are structured to start when you enter. Your time is calculated based on your individual time in and out of the lot or garage, not on the calendar days. Auto-Pilot Rewards Program free parking redemptions are calculated different than parking rates. Please refer to the Auto-Pilot Rewards Frequent Parker Program FAQ’s for details.
No, all applicable taxes are included in the parking charge.
No reservation is needed — Simply arrive and park! The facility operates on a first-come, first-served basis.
Yes, the lots are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Cashiers and Shuttle Buses also operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Yes, with Auto-Pilot Rewards Program you can quickly and easily enter and exit the lots and accumulate points towards FREE PARKING. Additional information on the program can be found below or click here to signup
If you have printed a coupon from the website, please present it to the cashier at time of payment. Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with the Frequent Parker Program.
In the short term parking garage, the height restriction is 6′-8″. In the Long Term Garage, the height restriction is 9′-6″ on the ground level and 6′-8″ on the upper levels.
The least expensive rate will apply in determining whether the daily or weekly rate is charged.

When waiting to pick-up an arriving passenger the most convenient place to park is the garage, directly across (100ft) from Terminal A.

Auto-Pilot Rewards – Frequent Parker Program Questions

Members are assigned an Auto-Pilot Rewards Program Automated Pass, which is linked to a credit card kept on file. Simply enter and exit through one of the designated lanes with an automated reader.
*Note: Only selected entrance/exit lanes have automated readers. Please look for the reader directly above the gate. They are white square boxes approximately 1ft x 1ft. If you park in Lots 1,3, or 4 the automated reader is located in the bus lanes and you use these lanes to enter/exit. Do NOT pull a ticket. The automated pass should be mounted or held next to the rearview mirror upon entrance/exit.
The system will automatically calculate your time in and out, the credit card on file is automatically charged for the appropriate hours and days of parking, and your Auto-Pilot Rewards Program account is credited with points for your stay. Members are awarded 1 point per dollar spent on parking in any of the Bradley Airport parking facilities. When you are ready to redeem for FREE parking, simply login to your Auto-Pilot Rewards Program account and select the day(s) and lot or garage for which you would like to redeem.
The chart below illustrates how many points are needed for one calendar day of free parking in each lot or garage.
Parking Facility Daily Rate Points Needed for 1 Day Free Parking Weekly Rate Points Needed for 1 Week Free Parking
Garage $25.00 250 Points $125.00 1250 Points
Express Lot 1 $10.00 100 Points $60.00 600 Points
Park and Walk Lot 2 $9.00 90 Points $54.00 540 Points
Economy Lot 3 $8.00 80 Points $48.00 480 Points
Economy Lot 4 $7.00 70 Points $42.00 420 Points
As of April 1, 2020
You must enroll online by visiting: https://fpp.parkbradley.com/fpp/createacct.aspx. You will be mailed a free Auto-Pilot Rewards Program Automated Pass in 5 to 7 days.
Unfortunately, no. The Auto Pilot Rewards Program is set up so that points can only be accumulated from the day a member receives their Auto-Pilot Rewards Program Automated Pass. No retroactive points will be given.
If you are current member of the punch card system or have unused free parking certificates, please email fppinfo@parkbradley.com to find out how you can convert current punch cards and parking certificates into points.
Points are awarded based on the total of the receipt AFTER tax.
First, login to your Auto-Pilot Rewards Program account and select “Rewards”. Next, select the garage or lot you would like to park in. Then, follow the step-by-step guide to redeem for the number of calendar days you would like to park with your available amount of points. Note – the system will not allow you to redeem for a garage or lot or select number of days that you do not have enough points for. Upon parking, simply enter and exit the lot or garage as usual with your Automated Pass in order to have the credit applied to your account. Your credit card will not be charged for the days you have redeemed for free parking There are no certificates or coupons to present. NOTE: You must enter on the day that you redeemed for or the system will not recognize your redemption and will instead charge your credit card on file. If you return later than the date selected the system will auotmatically charge the card on file for the difference. Auto-Pilot Reward Program points cannot be earned on days free parking redemptions are used. Points are only earned on days of paid parking. This free parking redemption does not reserve a space in the parking lot. If you arrive and the lot is full, you must park in an alternate lot and full payment will still be required. In this case, please contact the Auto-Pilot Rewards Program Administration office to have your redeemed points added back into your account. The administration office can be reached at 1-877-735-9280 or info@parkbradley.com.
First, login to your Auto-Pilot Rewards Program account and select “Activity”.
Under the View Activity box at the top, select the arrow for the drop down under “Activity”.
Highlight Parking RedemptionClick on the Green arrow to the right of the box.
You will then be able to see a list of current and previous parking redemptions.
Parking redemptions can only be canceled or modified PRIOR to entering parking facility for your scheduled parking redemption. Once you are parked, you cannot modify the parking redemption (i.e. add additional days)
If your parking redemption has not yet occured and you wish to cancel it, simply select “Cancel” next to the redemption. In order to modify an existing redemption, you must first cancel the redemption and then go back to the Rewards tab to make a new parking redemption.
If you have forgotten your username and need it sent to you, simply send an email to info@parkbradley.com with your request and your name. Please note that username’s are case sensitive.
If you are unable to login to your account due to a forgotten user name or password, please try the following:
  1. User name error – note that the usernames are case sensitive. If you are still unsuccessful, email info@parkbradley.com with your request and first and last name and a representative will email you with the correct username on file.
  2. Password – Passwords are also case sensitive. If you have forgotten your password, use the “Forgot Password” function on the login screen to have it emailed to you. Your password will be reset to a computer generated code that you will be able to use to login. Once you have logged-in to your account, you can reset your password.
  3. If you are still having trouble logging in using the correct username and a new computer generated password, close out of the page and enter the login page through https://fpp.parkbradley.com/fpp/signin.aspx (do not use a bookmark to re-access the page). By doing this you will clear out any extra characters that may have been put into the login fields. These are extra characters (like spaces) that happen from copying and pasting and that we can’t always see but the computer recognizes. You can also put your cursor in the username or password fields and hit the delete button a few times to make sure it has been completely cleared.
No. Auto-Pilot Rewards Frequent Parker Program Automated passes are non-transferable and for each member’s sole use. Family members must each sign up for their own account.
E-mail us at info@parkbradley.com or call 1-877-735-9280 (between the hours of 8am-5pm EST) to deactivate your old card and order a replacement card. Lost Automated Passes will incur a $25.00 replacement charge, which will be charged to the credit card linked with the Auto-Pilot Rewards Frequent Parker Program™.
If your credit card becomes expired, or incorrect information was provided, your Automated Pass will not be valid upon parking. To update this, as well as other information such as name, address or car model, please login to your account and click “Edit” to update your information.
The parking coupons available on our website cannot be used at the automated lanes.
First, check to make sure that the credit card on file with your Frequent Parker account has not expired. If so, update the information immediately. Next, contact the Auto-Pilot Rewards Program™ Administration office at 1-877-735-9280 or info@parkbradley.com to ensure your account is properly activated.
  • Login to your web account, select “Activity”. This report will show all of your activity.
  • Select the “Receipt” link next to the transaction you wish to print. A pop-up window will come up with your detailed transaction. If this window does not appear, double check to make sure your computer setting is set to “Allow Pop-Ups”.
  • Select Print.